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Get instant Loans

Download Chapeo™ App: [Google Playstore] and say goodbye to your cash flow hiccups. “Your Partners, right by your side"
Chapeo™ is founded on practical life experience of the youthful brains behind the development. Our instant loan solution provides you with convenience, peace of mind and a relationship that listens to you beyond the scoring engines. We provide enhanced level of personalized solutions through our relationship teams across the markets that we operate in addition to consistent and reliable support structures and 24/7 engagement channels. Drop us a note today through

Get advanced Payroll from your employer

Chapeo™’s Advance Payroll solution is structured to help minimize cash flow interruptions for small and medium sized businesses while at the same time ensuring no lose of man hours from the inconveniences that come with employees having to visit specific physical locations in search of advances to settle bills. The end goal is to provide a sustainable win-win position for all parties involved. Our solution for the small sized business category is truly unmatched. Refer your employer and business partners today through

Pay your Bills using Chapeo™ (Coming Soon)

Chapeo™ bill payment solution (coming soon!!) comes with an unmatched convenience while embracing the best standards in the world. This solution is anchored on the most sophisticated global technology and yet locally engineered by the young brains of our continent. Check out [Google Playstore] for updates and be the first to experience our dedication.


“Your Partners, right by your side"