The minimum amount approved is Kes 500. The maximum amount depends on the Customer’s ability to pay as evidenced by supporting documents of Income.
Our loans are currently payable in one month; 30 days. We’ll communicate when we introduce a loan product with a longer tenure.
Go to Chapeo menu under help and support tab and click on loan repayment for more information.
Our limits are automatically allocated by the system based on your credit score. 0 limit means you did not meet the minimum approval criteria based on your credit score. Would you wish to appeal the decision, Kindly send us an email on with details of your income to support your request for a review.
One would need to Share details of income and borrowing purpose to support a new requests and a decision will be taken and communicated based on information supplied.
If you are in business, kindly share with us your statement of accounts or mpesa and If in employment, share with us your latest payslip and details of employer on
Our credit team conducts monthly reviews for all our existing Customers. Should you require an immediate enhancement, share with us details of your income, ID number and Chapeo registered phone number and a decision will be communicated to you.
A decision (approval or decline) will be communicated to you within 48 hours of receiving satisfactory documentation.
As per our terms and conditions, our loans carry a maximum tenure of 30 days. For any loans that are not paid within this agreed period are subjected to penalties under clause 5.2.8 and 5.2.9 on the Terms and Conditions
Late payments lead to lower loan limit, higher borrowing costs in future or the inability to get loans from Chapeo and other lenders as well.
Whenever one defaults their loans, they are in breach of agreement hence their loan limits are dropped to 1 Kenya Shilling. Always ensure you pay your loan on time to avoid a bad credit history. If you have a valid reason that we can verify, kindly send us an email with the details on
Check out our website on for more information.
Ideally, when all required information is availed on registration, verification takes less than 35 seconds.
Yes. Go to app menu on profile to change your email address or gender.
You’ll share with us a copy of your national ID, Mpesa statement for the new number and details of the query on
Kindly share with us your Id number and Chapeo registered phone number with the details of your query on
Kindly inform us immediately you load your wallet and share details of your national ID number and Chapeo registered phone number on or to offset the loan.
Write us an email on with a description of the issue and details of the withdrawal such as amount, date, and share your ID number and Chapeo registered phone number and we’ll initiate a reversal back to your account.
Write us an email on with a description of the issue and details of the deposit such as MPESA transaction code, amount, date , your ID number and Chapeo registered phone number.
All your queries should be sent to or for quick action. As a policy, we do not attend to sensitive customer information on social media as we have no control over its access.
You can reach us through any of the below numbers:
Landline no :+254 20 3673 817
Safaricom no: +254 703 041 817
Airtel no : + 254 730 173 817
We are located at Wilson Business Park, 2nd floor block Bravo, Langata Road. Our box number is 14363-00800, Nairobi.